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Release Date: March 4th, 2017


Earlier this year, the FLSPCA excitedly announced the opportunity to receive $25,000 from the Marion E. Cantwell Charitable Trust in April 2017 if our organization was able to raise another $25,000 with our community by March 31, 2017. These matching grant funds would be designated for the new shelter being built at River's Edge Farm on Cameron Street. Additionally, a large communal cat room where the adoptable cats can sun themselves and meet potential adopters would be named in memory of Marion E. Cantwell.

WE ARE BEYOND EXCITED TO NOW ANNOUNCE THAT THE $25,000 MATCHING GRANT OPPORTUNITY WAS MET AND EXCEEDED. Since the beginning of January of this year, over $31,000 has been raised. As a result of the combined efforts of our volunteers and staff, and such an outpouring of support from our community, the FLSPCA received the following grant award notification:

"On behalf of the Marion E. Cantwell Charitable Trust, I extend our congratulations on a job well done. It is so gratifying for the Cantwell Trust to be part of such a caring and generous community of people who value the lifesaving work of the Finger Lakes SPCA. I am so impressed that you met and exceeded the $25,000.00 challenge grant, and will be awarding your shelter a $5,000.00 bonus, bringing the total of your grant to $30,000.00." Joyce Garrity, Trustee

The Finger Lakes SPCA plans to start the fourth and final phase of the new shelter building project (the interior finish-out) in the upcoming months. Approximately $200,000 is needed to help complete this last stage of construction and to get the homeless animals moved into the new shelter.

"We continue to be inspired and overwhelmed by the generosity of the trust and Marion E. Cantwell's lifelong passion and ongoing legacy to help animals. Moreover, we are deeply moved by our community's compassion, spirit of charity and dedication on behalf of our animal friends. We are diligently working to continue to raise funds to finish the homestretch of the Capital Campaign," says Vicki Mosgrove, Executive Director of FLSPCA. "We are making plans to move the animals into our new shelter this year. These gifts combined with our community's ongoing support will bring us that much closer to being able to do that."

The FLSPCA will be reaching out to their supporters and the public at large asking them to go above and beyond their usual level of giving to the shelter to help complete this critical building project. Donations can be sent to FLSPCA, PO Box 567, Bath NY 14810 or through the Paypal or Network for Good link at their website Just note that the donation is for the new shelter at River's Edge Farm.

FLSPCA's Mission: Our mission is to protect animals. We are dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and companion animal overpopulation. Our organization is committed to strengthening and supporting the human-animal bond through education about the humane treatment of all animals and responsible companion animal guardianship.




Well, Gretel, Charlie, Hansel and Blue are all making great progress and all have homes awaiting them once they are medically cleared.



On 1/24/17, Finger Lakes SPCA (FLSPCA) was contacted by the New York State Police for assistance with a vehicle accident on I-86 in Avoca involving a transport vehicle carrying multiple puppies. At the direction of law enforcement, FLSPCA animal rescue staff and volunteers (including an L.V.T. from the Bath Veterinary Hospital) quickly responded to a safe location for triage at T & R Towing in Bath.

We would like to express our extreme appreciation to the New York State Troopers, T & R Towing, Bath Veterinary Hospital, FLSPCA staff and volunteers for all of their efforts to mobilize and quickly assist these animals. We would also like to thank our community for their concern for these puppies.

Young puppies of varying breed types (including many toy and smaller breeds) were removed from a transport van one at a time by law enforcement. They were then handed to the on-site L.V.T. , Andrea Williams, for triage. There were no fatalities, but two puppies had serious injuries (one had a fractured jaw and one had a fractured leg). They were quickly transported by FLSPCA personnel to the Bath Veterinary Hospital for medical care where they were stabilized. There were 104 puppies removed in total.

Eighty-six pups were sheltered in an isolation area at the Finger Lakes SPCA with the remainder being housed and cared for at the Bath Veterinary Hospital. The eighty-six pups housed at FLSPCA were further assessed medically on-site by our consulting veterinarian.

No health issues that would indicate an animal cruelty concern could be ascertained by veterinary medical professionals who examined the puppies. We are not aware of any other specific laws that would have allowed the transfer of ownership of these puppies to our agency nor were we directed by law enforcement to retain the animals.

While we too abhor puppy mills, we know of no means to legally confiscate animals only because there is a strong likelihood that a puppy came from one.

Our agency actively works to prevent animal cruelty through our humane programs, the care of animal cruelty victims and by supporting area law enforcement with their investigations as requested.

On 1/25/17, all but four puppies were released back to the transport company who paid related board and veterinary expenses for the dogs. The two puppies that were seriously injured (but in stable condition) have been released to the care of the Bath Veterinary Hospital. Additionally, two other pups stayed on-site at Finger Lakes SPCA for medical care. A formal release of ownership for these animals is being pursued. We will update you in the near future as to adoptability status for these pups.

For more information on puppy mills and how to stop them, we encourage visiting the following websites:



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We still have a long ways to go before the new shelter is complete, but we are making amazing progress!!

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